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When clients come to us with their stress, pain, and legal issues, we take pride in knowing they trust us enough to advocate on their behalf.  To help build that trust, we clearly outline what they can expect during their experience with us and how we’re going to work together to help get them the best results for their case. 

When we say we’re a “client-first” law firm, we mean it.  Many firms are “firm-first” and put their own bottom dollar as a priority as opposed to what is best for you and your case.  We work to keep you informed and up-to-speed on your matter and ensure you’re comfortable with decisions we’re making and why we’re making them. 

Finally, as a virtual law firm, we provide a number of resources to our clients to help meet this goal.  We have office space available throughout all of South Carolina where we can meet you, and we’re more than happy to meet you at your home or office.  However, the majority of our clients prefer to do the work remotely too – not only can we communicate remotely (phone, text, email, webex), but we can also sign contracts, send and receive documents and electronically stored information (ESI), and even virtually notarize documents.  

If you want your lawyer to use the best technologies and resources to get you the best results, you’ve found the right law firm. 

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About Keibler Law Group