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Charleston Business Litigation Attorney

We serve businesses in Charleston, SC and the surrounding area in their business litigation needs. 

We typically representation companies in the plaintiff position when they are aggrieved by another company.  This could be a client, vendor, or competitor. 

If you’d like to discuss your business dispute, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation. 

Charleston Business Litigation Attorney

Charleston Business Dispute Attorney

There are many ways and avenues to get your desired results.  We serve as your counsel in creating a strategy to get you the ideal result for your situation.  This is even more important in the business sense. 

Sometimes, aggressive litigation is the right move to make.  This entails doing research on the facts and law, filing a complaint, undergoing discovery, mediation, and ultimately, potentially, a trial. 

However, other times it may make more sense to create a different strategy that doesn’t involve litigating in the courtroom in order to achieve your desired goals.

We can help evaluate your factual scenario, recommend a best path forward, and implement that strategy to get you results.