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Columbia, SC Business Litigation Attorney

Whether you are dealing with a Fortune 500 company or a family-owned corporation, Keibler Law Group does not back down for its clients.  Chase has experience representing Fortune 50 companies in complex litigations as well as experience representing smaller companies against those formidable giants.  When large corporations have seemingly bottomless litigation funds, Keibler Law Group gets creative with its litigation.  If you are involved in a business dispute in Columbia, SC such as a contract dispute, unfair competition or antitrust claim, insurance coverage issues, eminent domain, shareholder disputes, or any other type of complex business litigation, Keibler Law Group can help.  Contact your local Columbia, SC business litigation attorney for a free consultation.  

South Carolina Business Litigation Lawyer

Experienced Columbia, SC Business Litigation Lawyer

Successful Litigation, like running a successful business, takes a thoughtful approach to the situation to assess risks, rewards, and calculate your next steps.  While at times business disputes are better settled outside the courtroom, there are other times where aggressive, no-holds barred approach is appropriate.  

Chase is experienced in representing companies large and small in complex litigations ranging from decades-long antitrust disputes to corporate arbitrations.  If you or your company is in need of a versatile, honest, and hardworking litigator, we can help. 

Fortunately, Chase has worked at a large law firm representing clients of all sizes and learned what to do (and not to do) in particular situations.  He built Keibler Law Group with the client in mind – we have software and system to keep the client informed every step of the way with easy access to important documents and a seamless system to progress the case.  No more kicking-the-can down the docket.  We push cases to resolution.  

Contact Keibler Law Group today to speak with an experienced, Columbia, SC Business Litigation Attorney. 

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We advise clients on complex business litigations around the country.  To talk with us about your current circumstances, our phone number is (888) 434-4154 or you can fill out our Intake Form.