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Antitrust Litigation Overview – Your Competition Lawyer in the Carolinas

In the United States, anti-competitive behavior, such as price fixing, market allocation, no-poach agreements, and bid rigging, have long been considered illegal.  The laws are designed to prohibit and punish such anticompetitive actions to ensure that our free markets operate efficiently, effectively, and fairly, free of collusion and manipulation.  Those injured by such anti-competitive practices have long been able to recover for their injuries in the United States and often times with substantial verdicts.  

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Antitrust Litigation 

Keibler Law Group is experienced in complex litigation such as prosecuting cartels for price fixing, market allocation, and other anticompetitive behavior.  We represent large companies that purchase or participate in an impacted market and prosecute claims on their behalf against their suppliers or competitors. 

These cases can take the form of class actions or as a direct action.  Consult with Keibler Law Group today to see if you have a claim under the antitrust laws.  No competitor – or opponent – is too large.   Keibler Law Group has the resources and network to prosecute claims against large corporations for their wrongdoings and anticompetitive actions.

Prior to starting Keibler Law Group, Chase represented large commercial consumers in multi-district civil class action opt-out litigation prosecuting defendants for illegally colluding to raise prices of their products.  His experience in prosecuting price-fixing and bid-rigging antitrust cartels spans broad industries including ocean freight shipping, rail freight shipping, generic pharmaceuticals, chemical products, agricultural products, and commodities traded on the London Metal Exchange.  He is skilled at navigating industry-specific economics and at the forefront of e-discovery software and data, which frequently alters the strategy, development, and management of complex litigation.

Chase provides consultation work to corporate clients and general counsel seeking to set up a Affirmative Recovery Programs.  Contact Keibler Law Group today to learn more.