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Attorney Referrals

South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Referral

Attorney Referrals

Co-Counsel Opportunities / Attorney Referrals in South Carolina and North Carolina

Keibler Law group welcomes attorney referrals from law firms throughout the country; we are a firm that garners much of its caseload from attorney referrals.  Our firm limits its practice to representing plaintiffs in personal injury, antitrust, and business litigation cases, and we will gladly review and potentially handle any injury or complex business case referred to us. 

Whether you are an out-of-state attorney or South Carolina or North Carolina attorney who does not practice injury or antitrust law, you can trust our hard-working, knowledgeable team to handle your referral case and deliver results.  Check out all of our Practices Areas to see how we can work together and serve you. 

How it works:

Keibler Law Group handles referrals the same way it handles any other case.  Clients are contacted in the initial intake phase and set up an initial consultation either in person at their house, one of our office spaces, or virtually. 

Once it is decided to accept the case for review, a letter is sent to referral counsel advising of such and stating an agreed upon referral fee in the event that monies are recovered.  While Keibler Law Group litigates the case, referral counsel is provided with multiple updates and copied on correspondence to keep all parties informed on the case’s progress. 

If you have a case you would like to refer because either it isn't a good fit for you or you are representing an out-of-state client, please submit the form above. Our office will contact you and the client and take the proper steps to review their case. Please do not forget to include your email address and phone number so we can inform you of the status of your referral.