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Our Commitment to Communication and Technology

commitment to communication and technology

Our Commitment to Communication

We ask that every new client sign our Communication Policy and Agreement. We fully understand that your case is extremely important to you and likely is the most stressful issue in your life now.  We also know you may have many questions about process, timing, and next steps in your case.  Our Communication Policy and Agreement lays the groundwork for our attorney-client relationship and expectations; we take pride in our commitment to you. 

Because of our commitment to communication, we enter into a Communication Policy and Agreement with new clients so all expectations are fully laid out. Please contact us today and we will be happy to send you a copy of our Communication Policy and Agreement and show why we stand out. 

A New Type of Law Firm

Law Firms are changing and adapting to fit clients’ needs. This is why Keibler Law Group is a virtual law firm. What does this mean and why did we do this?  Simply put, we put our client’s needs first. We’ve partnered with an office-sharing company, which allows Keibler Law Group to use offices nearly anywhere in the country. We also implemented ink-less signatures – you can sign all documents like engagement and settlement agreements on your computer, on your phone, or “old fashion” in person.  Our clients are all throughout South Carolina and North Carolina and, therefore, we accommodate to them by either:

A computer animation may be admissible if the proponent shows it is “(1) authentic under Rule 901, SCRE; (2) relevant under Rules 401 and 402, SCRE; (3) a fair and accurate representation of the evidence to which it relates; and (4) its probative value substantially outweighs the danger of unfair prejudice, confusing the issues, or misleading the jury under Rule 403, SCRE.”

Legal Technologies to Help You Achieve Better Results

We pride ourselves on being one of the best users and adapters of legal technologies to help you achieve the best results in your case. Whether this is technologies to help increase and streamline attorney-client communications, to assist in sifting through hundreds and thousands of pages of documents, to re-create accidents, or to calculate and show damages.  We rely on the most efficient technologies to obtain better results. Just like we know the law and know how to apply it – we have the technology and know how to use it!

Below are just a few ways Keibler Law Group implements and utilizes top industry legal technologies to better serve its clients and achieve top results: