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Losing a loved one is always difficult.  If your loved died as a result of an accident or someone’s negligence, we can help. 

Catastrophic injuries, such as amputations, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and others are serious injuries that deserve serious attorneys. 

If you or a loved one is injured by a medical provider, we can help.  Medical insurance companies fight tooth and nail and you need someone on your side.

18-wheeler or tractor trailers often cause accidents in the Carolinas.  Contact a South Carolina Lawyer for help. 

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can results in serious injuries because of someone’s negligence.  We can help. 

Car accidents are far too common in the Carolinas for a variety of reasons like distracted or drunk driving. 

Insurance companies are not in the business of paying people.  Quite the opposite.  If an insurance company is acting in bad faith, we may be able to help.

From asbestos injuries to manufacturer defects, we have experience representing clients as a result of a defective product of warning. 

If you or a loved one is injured on the job, someone else may be responsible for the damages you suffered.  Contact us to find out if you have a case. 

Contract disputes, unfair trade practices, and eminent domain, the Keibler Law Group can help in your business litigation. Call a South Carolina lawyer today.

Price-fixing cartels and monopolistic behaviors drive prices for consumers up and drive competitors out.  We have experience prosecuting these claims. 

Keibler Law Group represents consumers and companies alike in prosecuting class action claims including antitrust or competition claims, environmental actions, and consumer protection cases.

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South Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a family member and loved one is one of the most challenging things to go through, especially when the loss is from an injustice.  Our goal is to help you and your family navigate through this difficult time and ensure you and your loved one are treated fairly. 

Catastrophic injuries happen in everyday life and result in life-long injuries and recovery. Whether from a truck accident, car accident, a dog bite, a fall, or some other reason, we’re here to make sure you are fully compensated for you past and future medical expenses as a result of your catastrophic injury. 

South Carolina Catastrophic Injury Attorney
South Carolina Medical Malpractice Attorney

We place an enormous amount of trust in our medical providers when we seek their services.  When they breach of violate that trust and injury patients, the harm can be irreparable. South Carolina and North Carolina Medical Malpractice claims are statutory-based claims and require an experienced attorney to help guide you.  

Truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and heavy-vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries or even death.  That is why the federal government created many regulations on commercial vehicles to help mitigate these harmful accidents. We are experienced in taking on trucking and insurance companies throughout the country. We fight to hold those responsible for your injuries. 

South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer 18 wheeler accident tractor trailer accident
South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Lawyer bike accident motorcycle crash

Look Twice – Save A Life.  The freedom and feeling that comes from riding a motorcycle is unparalleled.  Unfortunately, aggressive, distracted, or negligent drivers, bad road conditions, or a defect in the motorcycle can cause motorcycle accidents.  We successfully represented South Carolina and North Carolina individuals and their loved ones who were in motorcycle accidents. 

Like it or not – cars have become such an ingrained part of our society that people often forget or fail to appreciate the serious harm that can come from car accidents.  We don’t.  Car accidents in South Carolina and North Carolina are far too common and can result in serious injuries or death.  We’re here to help you get justice. 

South Carolina bad faith insurance attorney

Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims – they’re in the business of collecting money for investors.  We have experience representing individuals and businesses against insurance companies when insurance companies act in bad faith, fail to pay a claim, or are being unreasonable.  Do not take the insurance company’s low-ball offers!

Everyday products that are poorly designed, constructed, or fail to label dangers can result in serious injury or death.  Even worse – many times the company knew about the danger. From asbestos exposure resulting in mesothelioma to tire or car part defects, we have experience and can help. 

South Carolina asbestos mesothelioma attorney
South Carolina workplace injury lawyer

Workplace Injury

Workplace safety should be an important part of every job.  No one should be injured or killed while working.  We help individuals and their families who suffer injuries while on the job including construction workers, linemen, manufacturers, and retail workers.

We have experience representing companies across the nation – big and small – in their complex business litigation cases.  These include cases involving breach of contract, class action opt-outs, unfair business or trade practices, fraud, misrepresentation, and unjust enrichment.  We stop injustice. 

South Carolina breach of contract lawyer corporate lawyer
antitrust lawyer

Antitrust laws protect individuals and companies against unfair competition such as price fixing, market allocation, no-poach agreements, and bid rigging.  We help clients – large and small – in enforcing antitrust laws. 

Class actions are complex cases brought on behalf of a group who has suffered similar harms.  There are many types of class actions – antitrust, product liability, environmental, data breaches, and works rights.  Let us review your case to see if a class action is the right direction. Call a South Carolina lawyer. 

South Carolina Class Action Lawyer