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Deadly Tractor Trailer Accidents in South Carolina Are on the Rise

What is happening? Why are 18-wheeler accidents becoming more frequent?

What is causing an increase of 18-wheeler accidents?

The statistics in a recent American Bar Association (“ABA”) article regarding fatal truck accidents are alarming. When referring to trucks, this article means tractor-trailers, 18 wheelers, and commercial motor vehicles. The article states:

“The number of crashes involving large trucks has been rising during the past decade. In 2019, the latest year for which statistics were available, 118,000 trucks were involved in crashes resulting in injuries, more than double the number of such crashes in 2009. The majority of those injured were in other vehicles. And since 2010, the number of deaths had increased 36% to 5,005 in 2019, with most of those killed riding in other vehicles, according to the National Safety Council.”

Again, those alarming statistics provide that in 10 years, 18-wheeler accidents more than double. In 9 years, tractor-trailer /18-wheeler fatal accidents increased by 36%!! 

What is the problem??

The National Safety Council survey does not indicate what caused the accident or who is at fault. However, between 2001 and 2003, The US Department of Transportation examined the causation of 18 wheeler crashes and found that passenger vehicles were the “critical reason” for crashes in 56% of the incidents involving trucks and passenger vehicles. That leaves a lot more questions than answers. 

I think the recent rise in accidents is attributed to a few things – most importantly, however, is distracted driving. Whether someone is talking on the phone, texting, updating the GPS, changing a song on Spotify, or checking their email – cellphones are tools designed to distract. I am guilty of it! I have car play and play music, I use GPS through my phone, and sure I’ll check that email at a red light. We need to change the culture around how we treat operating heavy machinery like a car, SUV, or tractor-trailer (not to mention the recent rise in vehicle sizes – a topic for a different article).

What did vehicle manufacturers do to keep their driver’s eyes on the road instead of the phone?

Manufacturers replaced many vehicle functions with a tablet! They integrated the cellphone touch screen into the dashboards of the vehicles. Distracted driving is a serious issue in South Carolina. Many vehicles – not just luxury vehicles – have apple car play and other Bluetooth-capable, touch screen functions on the dash of the vehicle. These eye-catching displays, while designed to increase comfort and function, are distracting to drivers. 

America has a vehicle problem – and that problem is becoming deadlier at an astronomical pace. Walk more. Bike more. Make streets and cities safer. This impacts every class – indeed, perhaps lower and less advantaged people the most. This is a solvable problem.

South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved on were in car accident, you may need the help of a qualified South Carolina car accident attorney.  Motor vehicle accidents can change you or your loved one’s life. You or your loved one may have injuries and be in intense pain, be unable to work or provide for family, and may require considerable medical treatment. Deadly car accidents are on the rise in South Carolina – we’re here to help.  Keibler Law Group offers car accident legal services in South Carolina, we’re understanding with the situation you are in, and we will help you get the most compensation that you and your family need. 

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